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hideo asano

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Hideo Asano is a poet and writer living in Tokyo, Japan. 

Asano is partly educated in Southern California. He is bilingual in Japanese and English.

He has travelled extensively around the world and continues to do so, writing all the while travelling in Asia (Afghanistan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand), in Europe (Denmark, England, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden), in North America (Canada, Mexico, USA), Australia and New Zealand.

As a freelance journalist, he also covered the civil war inside Afghanistan during the occupation of the Soviet Union.  After all he spent a great amount of time talking with different people, also with injured rebels, refugees and capturing their respective individual stories are reflected in his short stories, poems, novels, speeches and other writings.

His writing style is heavily influenced by Ernest Hemingway.  Fyodor Dostoevsky and Friedrich Nietzsche also speak him loudly.  The tunes of Beethoven and J. S. Bach also provoke his soul, so does Vincent van Gogh.

"Stories display Asano's descriptive ability in exotic locals." - The Japan Times

"Asano is a down-to-earth Hemingwayian writer in his writing style and character studies." - The Korea Times

Currently, as a struggling writer, he is reaching out foreigners with his written materials for his livelihood.  Meanwhile, as an English writer, he is still looking for a right ambiance for the sake of his writing.  Culturally and linguistically unable to pursue his dream, he is still searching for a Promised Land, where he could get a room, which have a table and a chair, to sit down and write.  Is there anyone able to get a simple room, which have a table and a chair in Japan, except five star hotels?  But all dead rooms you have to sit on the floor like Buddha.

He always felt that he was the old man in "The Old Man and the Sea" - so he himself is looking for a little boy who could have faith and confidence in his work.  He doesn't mind to go through the entire population looking for one soul who is willing to publish his work.

You are enthusiastically invited into the world he fiercely cares for.