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hideo asano haiku

hideo asano haiku quote Haiku is a type of Japanese poetry.  The form has three short lines with 5, 7, 5 syllables.  It gives you a mind-blowing inspiration to provoke your imagination with a few words, yet metaphorically rich.  There is no unnecessary word.  In other words, every word counts.

The reason why I love haiku is the meaning of each line isn't crystal clear, but obscure.  That obscurity makes you think.  If you read it literary it is dead words but when you try to search the hidden words behind each line, you would feel you found treasures out of it.

Haiku belongs to big thinkers.  I have tried to create soulful haiku as much as I could.  Another interesting point is I didn't write my haiku in Japanese but in English.  It is like playing jazz with an ancient Japanese musical instrument.  I want you readers to enjoy the flavor of what I have cooked with a variety of ingredients.

- Hideo Asano, Interview


Mullets jumping high
Restless hearts of fishermen
Sailing in red sky
Tiring long journey
Not made alone but along
With a small spider
Songbirds serenade
The poor man who sits alone
On a great granite