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Many of my poems were produced on the streets, sometimes in parks, whenever something stroke me, I spontaneously wrote it down fearing to loose it.

- Hideo Asano, Interview



Everybody looks different but says the same thing.
I prefer everybody to look the same but speak differently.
All the trees have different shades but say nothing.
I prefer everybody to look different but remain silent!

Jesus couldn’t stand on earth without Earthly Kingdom.
Artists couldn’t stand on earth with much earthly possessions
Earthly possessions kill Romanticism and freedom
Thank God, at least, artists AREN’T Jesus.

                            Unselfish Love

I don't care about me.
But I care about you.
I care for you now.
I will care for you forever.
That will take care of me.
That will take care of both.
That will take care of both now.
That will take care of both forever.
I really don't care about me.
But I really care about you
Old good wine takes care of serious wine drinkers.
Serious wine drinkers take care of old good wine.

                                             Blind People

A large farmer chopped a tall sunflower
taller than him heartlessly with a shovel
at the base of the stem and carelessly threw it away
to the earth to lay to dry in the hot sun helplessly
out of his cornfield.
"Suck too much water!" complained the farmer
as if spitting on the poor sunflower.

Van Gogh would jump on the farmer
to kill the farmer with a cut throat razor
hating to see anyone persecuting his idol.
Just as I would jump on anyone who is mistreating cats;
I would jump on thos heartless people whoever says,
"Cats do nothing."
Aren't they giving you beauty besides chasing rats away?

Sunflowers and cats aren't giving any feeling
to certain number of people
who couldn't get any feeling from anything else,
but only from gold.

Blind people could see it better
than those who could see well.
Blind people could feel the beauty
than those who could see things better.