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hideo asano short stories quote How a trip to America changed my destiny!

I started to write when I was twenty-nine, studying in the College of the Desert, in Southern California.  A grain sized story that I wrote for the college newspaper grew into the whole field of stories.  Luckily I had jumped into the capital of encouragement.

"English isn't my native language," I replied to those who encouraged me, in America, to be a writer one day.  "One day, you will get it," encouraged my English instructors.

I fiercely hate the words "fiction" and "non-fiction."  You write what you know about, what you feel about, what you see, like painting.  You must truthfully write about your internal feelings.  Through literature, you could feel the authors' emotional feelings, hot passion, on the subject that each author deeply concerned, or cared, to provoke your soul when you walk through the minefields of words.

I hope especially my work could encourage students who study English as a second language that anyone could reach to a higher level, striving with persistence, to reach to the point of realizing that the more you know the more you don't know.  English belongs to everyone who cares, a baseball player's son can't automatically be a good baseball player.

"You have gone too far out, as a fisherman," I said to myself.

- Hideo Asano, Interview